D.A.I. Design in Architecture and Interior design offers a kind of bespoke design service where our priority is a balance between practicality, comfort and aesthetics.

We design the dwelling from the inside to the outside, keeping in mind the client’s needs first and then ensuring that these take shape integrated into the available space and into the environment too.
Our philosophy is based not only in developing a good, attractive and functional design, but also in the personal, daily and constant follow-up of the works on-site and in permanent fluid communication with the builder and the different corporations, essential condition to ensure excellent results.

Our long career alongside some of the “greats” of interior design guarantees the accessibility and collaboration of working with some of the best specialists (antique dealers, decorative painting, cabinetmakers, restorers, landscapers, demolition materials, lightning, etc)

Our specialities are:

Realization of the base design and the working project of the dwelling and of the interior design project in parallel and total coordination. Small and large reforms of all kind (external, structural, internal partition, etc). Rehabilitation of farmhouses and older structures. Interior design. Furniture design, fireplaces, fountains, etc.